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Spying on Windows

List of programs that will show you the Text of hidden windows and windows with no title bar. After you have that text you can use Closing Time to close these window/s


TechFacts 98 is a powerful Windows 95/98 tool that empowers you to diagnose, solve and report Windows problems. TechFacts98 is shareware.

Power Procs

Power Procs is freeware program that shows windows list (visibel and hidden) and running process.


WinShow is a simple utlity which displays the characteristics of windows underneath the cursor as the cursor is moved across the screen (freeware, it doesn't show hidden windows).

DLL Demon

This program supports many features and performs many actions to effectively monitor, control, and analyze your system's programs and modules. This program is shareware and free to try out for 30 days.

If you know of any other program you can let me know

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