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Sound Association v2.0


Fixed in version 2.0:


1. The user can to "Browse" for the .exe name.


3. "Del" changed to "Delete" for Windows conformity.


4. "About" just bring up a simple "About" dialog box. There a separate icon for the help file.


5. Instead of having a drop down box for the "When to play" area, There is check boxes with all the events listed. That way the user could add several events at once.


6. There a button that take the user ***directly*** to the Sounds area of the Control Panel, not just to the Control Panel.


7. "Maximize" spelled fixed


8. The "Mail Beep" event deleted. To my knowledge, this won't work with any programs except for the default Windows Mail Beep.


9. The name of the program on the taskbar entry fixed.


11. All of these sound events listed in the Check boxs.






Restore Up

Restore Down


Menu PopUp

Menu Command




Program Error



*** Thanks to Ted Tatman. ***