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Removing the 15 times limit from:
Disconnector allows you to start downloading files from the Internet and leave the computer. When all downloads are finished, it will disconnect you from the Internet, and/or will play a sound.   
OF COURSE! Now you can leave the computer to download and do other things, and you won't be afraid about your phone bill at the end of the month!!!   
Windows 95 / Windows NT 4.0
Windows Dial-up Networking
A separate window that opens when downloading files (Internet Explorer version 3 and up, and Netscape have such a window ("Saving Location" or "File Download") . You can also use GetRight and such external programs.
Sound Card recommended, but not necessary. 
2 MB Hard Disk space, if you already have VB runtime files, and 3 MB if not. 
  If you have Disconnector ,
Download the crack program only
If you don't have it,
Download Disconnector from pixie soft.

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